Same day delivery for any ecommerce business

Shop & Drop is an omnichannel solution for both online marketplace and offline fulfilment that solves same day delivery from any business location.

Super fast delivery within hours of check out

With Shop & Drop you can offer a premium ecommerce experience with affordable same day delivery within hours of check out. Our technology connects you to a huge network of couriers (15,000+ drivers) and has been adapted to suit and facilitate deliveries for any retailer.

How it works

Shop & Drop is an easy integration into your website. Simply connect using Cubiic’s API and start selling.


1     Your customer goes to company website and selects the nearest store. Customer selects desired products and adds to basket.

2    When checking out the customer selects the same day delivery option and then confirms their purchase.

3    Integrating with Cubiic’s Shop & Drop platform the couriers are notified and will collect the order from the closest location and deliver within 5 hours.


Access to 15,000+ drivers at the best industry rate

Cubiic currently utilises 5 national couriers with a driver network of over 15,000 professional drivers to ensure every order reaches your customer in record time. We have negotiated the best industry rates which are competitive with standard postal prices, so your customer receives the ultimate ecommerce experience with every order.


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